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The heart of the PANI RLS (PANI Reflect Lighting System) is the Panibeam. It is a precisely engineered and accurately designed parabolic beam for use of an HMI lamp. This unique beam provides the quality of light needed for such an application.

 The biggest beam available, the sun, sends out light that is almost perfectly parallel. In order to achieve a similar and as-close-as-possible effect, a luminaire with an almost parallel beam and a homogenous light distribution is needed, a technique not yet available in the film lighting industry.

The beam is available as the RLS-70, powered by a 1200 HMI lamp. It is wind- & waterproof and stands out with its ergonomic and solid design.



The PANIFLECTORS (reflectors)


The quality of the light - from hard to soft - and the precisely defined shadows  are achieved through the use of the calculated high tech reflectors, the PANIFLECTORS.

Seven different types of reflectors in various sizes, available in vertical and horizontal shapes such as ellipses, circles, beams or arcs, provide the necessary tools for any lighting application.

Most of the time, no additional shutters, flags or filters are required, which reduces the amount of gripping equipment, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the entire system.

Due to the unique design and the amazingly parallel beam, the PANI RLS is the only system that permits the combination of multiple reflectors of the same or of different kinds (for e.g. double bouncing etc)


Therefore, multiple reflections can be used to either extend the reach of a beam, transport it around corners or narrow openings, split it and work with several single beams or create new or stronger effects by cascading the reflectors.
They can also be used for the redirection of daylight.

The desired intensity of light is controlled by the size of the reflector and, for a very fine adjustment, by dowsing the reflector into the parallel beam. This spares the use of different luminaires or dimmers.

The zones and areas to be lit can precisely be controlled and designed.

The PANIGRIP (supports)


Easy to use and stable adapters enable a connection and compatibility in between the PANI RLS system and conventional lighting & studio equipment.

Other mounting and rigging systems are currently in work.




For rental and sale of the PANI RLS please fill out this form or contact Pani Projection and Lighting Vertriebs GmbH, Vienna.

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