The meshed elevator requires a fare of one Schilling, but offers seating. The lady in the red dress delivers a most friendly greeting, the engineer in the white coat presents his impressive equipment, the gentleman in the plaid jacket explains the modalities and chats for a little while. The fact that we can place their projectors out on the street, and illuminate houses, evokes astonishment and then cautious curiosity.

More than twenty years have passed since our first visit to Pani in Kandlgasse, Vienna and the house with the green-framed glass pyramids in the door has grown on us. The coffee loving young man with diplomatic skills travels with us to Cairo. All of a sudden somebody answers the phone on a Saturday afternoon: the scurrying gentleman with his silver mane, determined and charming, is enthusiastic about the dignified equipment and what could evolve from it, a sonorous bass calls from a two metre height „Think Big!", a flock of headstrong employees learns to keep up with them, even pushing along. A black and golden dog excitedly greet at the door, sometimes a little too euphorically.

Glass, heat, glistening light, black metal, luminous slides and films, hundreds of tiny screws and miles of silver band, troublesome and challenging, then relieved and blessed, when everything is in place. Pani in the shape of humans and equipment, stood by us in the desert and in the snow, in the ballroom and in deserted industrial units, and everywhere in-between. We wish to continue sharing our paths with Pani, even in the emerging times of complete digitalised projections.

Sabine Weißinger und Friedrich Förster,
Casa Magica, März 2013


As an internationally working light / video artist, I highly value the very pleasant and professional work with PANI, them beeing the technical partner.
Over the last years, I have realized big and international light art projects together with PANI and its partner network as the technical support, like e.g. the Vancouver 125 anniversary, Montreal Mutek, Eindhoven Glow, Frankfurt Luminale and Berlin Festival of lights.
For any big and high quality art project a strong and reliable team as well as the suitable technology is necessary for the technical conversion of the idea.

Philipp Geist
Studio Philipp Geist / Videogeist / Berlin


   I believe it can be said that I have personally installed more PANI stage projectors than anyone on the planet. Since 1986, my relationship with PANI has been much more than customer and supplier. It has been a partnership which has lasted nearly 30 years. I first started working with PANI gear in 1981 where the first PANI projectors were in stalled in a Disney theme park. Since then PANI stage projectors have been installed in Disney theme parks worldwide. Theme park applications are among the most grueling environments for modern stage lighting equipment and other mechanical systems. Equipment must operate minimum 18 hours per day 7 days a week. Often some of these applications require special modifications or custom devices necessary to meet a creative goal. PANI have always stepped up to the plate in these situations, and have offered many R&D services over the years. Modern technology is always embraced at PANI, however traditional old world craftsmanship is just as important. I have visited PANI in Vienna more times than I can count, and am always treated as a member of the family. This has been very important to me over the years.

James Mulder
Set, Media and Projection Designer



   We found PANI to be our perfect partner for the realisation of our large scale projections. Especially sensible projections onto the art history and nature history museums at the Vienna Maria-Theresien-Platz show their year long technical experience as well as their cultural empathy. We have met PANI as a very trustworthy partner. The yearly positive feedback of our clients is an affirmation of a harmonic relation- and partnership.

Mag Christian Klement
MAGMAG - event and communication agency



   It has been an awesome experience to work with the PANI team over the past 25 years. During this time we have been able to partner in numerous projects both in permanent and temporary installations. While the products have undergone some changes over the years, the basic concept of a large format image continues to be the main stay of their business.
If you are looking for a well built product which is capable of producing large, precise images for either interior or exterior locations and capable of adding flair to a façade then you should consider the PANI equipment for your venue. There is no other company worldwide that can provide the quality equipment capable of producing such impressive images as the PANI Team!

Ralph Felten, Jr.
General Manager
Atlas Specialty Lighting Tampa, FL



   Movelight established itself in outdoor advertising in 1991 and is specialized in advertising projections of any size and form.
We are proud that we enlarged our portfolio also through the very intense and professional work relationship with PANI. Their technical equipment is very highly developed and suits any also long term operation. One very uncommon and challeging project with PANI e.g. was an advertising for H&M onto an office building, with 3.600 m² beeing the biggest large scale projection in Austria to date. With PANIs knowledge it was possible to test boundaries and leave people amazed.
PANI is a very reliable and credible business partner with a handshake quality and we are looking forward to various interesting and creative projects in the future.
To many more happy and successful years!

Peter Thim



   The Leopold museum is beautifully suitable for large scale projections due to its clear and cubic form - it is a perfect canvas.
We like to light its facade at night for important events such as exhibition openings - projecting art masterpieces. The very moment PANI hits the light button, I often have goosebumps: the intense colours in the dark of the night, the over dimensional pictures, the fascinating details of the projected art - you see the building in an entirely new way.
A wow - effect for everyone entering the museum quarter.
Pani every single time gives us a projection that leaves us saying "that is the best we ever had".

Tina Zelenka
Leopold museum


   PANI very much supported us with their technical know how and competence when branding the Vienna airport tower with the Samsung Galaxy Note, which was a new invention on the smartphone market. Our innovative idea was in the end awarded with a WebAd 2012 silver award in the category "best media idea".

Mag. Michael Riess
COUNTRY MANAGER for Austria, Slovenia & Switzerland
CHEIL Austria GmbH


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