Projection Lenses

The proven PANI - objective lens palette divides into Projection Objective Lenses and Effects Objective Lenses
The Projection Objective Lenses are calculated, respecting the high passing light energies and a reasonable price, for getting highest imaging quality. Therefore 3-5 lenses each, made of various kinds of glass, are used.
The available focal lengths are 11cm; 13,5cm; 18cm; 22cm; 27cm; 33cm; 40cm; 50cm; 60cm; 80cm; 125cm and the zoom objektive lens 25-60cm. Motor operated objective lenses are available on demand.

You will find the corresponding interchangable front condenser lenses in the manuals of the projectors.
Each slide format results in a corresponnding image size. Visit the area of » support / smart assistance « on this homepage to calculate your projection. There you will also find electronic slide templates, in which the illumination area is documented. You will also find projection diagrams in all manuals of the projectors.
The Effect Objective Lenses are calculated for distored imaging thus enabeling certain optical effects, including light fading, all centered to the image .

The focal lengths of 85/100mm, 310mm and the adjustable Vario Objective Lenses 20-40cm (motorized) and 30-60cm (manual) are available.
These objective lenses are often used in combination with various effect accessories. Thus you will widen the scope of design potentials.

Slide Changer


Automatic Slide Changer
AMD-32 Random Access

This cassette slide changer for a maximum of 32 slides
per changing cassette is working as silent, that it is possible
to operate it nearby the audience.
It is driven by DMX-512, 0...+10V or simply by using a
potential free contact. Only for slides in format 18x18cm.



Carousel Slide Changer

The Carousel Slide Changers represent economically priced
alternatives for max. 12 slides (for the ARC-projector only
10 slides). The Changer can be preprogrammed for independent,
clock-switched operation in various optional ways.
Models for slide format 18x18cm and 24x24cm are available.



Compact Scroller CS 70

The scroller film, motorically moved along the projection
window, is not perforated and therefore easy to produce.
It has a film up to 13m length loaded in an interchangable cassette,
which may be devided into up to 72 single slides, or used for
movable scenes. Indicators, sticked on the film increase
the accuracy of positioning up to 0,05mm.
The unit is driven by DMX-512 or using an appropriate programme by the PC.
Simple one man mounting on all PANI projectors 18x18cm.

Dimming Units


Grey Scale Shutter G 405 PCS-III-DMX

The Grey scale shutter has been developed out of the need to control the intensity of the hardly dimmable HMI light source precisely in the same manner as dimming a halogen lamp until to darkness. This is effected by accurate moving and positioning of grey scale wedges ( 205 x 220 mm ) in the projection path after the objective lens by a micro processor driven stepping motor. A micro stepping software and various selectable grey scaling curves enable an excellent adaption to various situations of operation. A specially developed vacuum vaporizing coating method for the grey scale layers of the glasses ensures for the projection continuous color temperature wide grey scaling effect and continuous staying in focus.
click here for the manual of the Grey Scale Shutter


Black Out Shutter BOS

The Black Out Shutter BOS was created out of the need to dim the HMI-light quick, without any troubles and with less effort e.g. for changing the slides without visible changing move.
In the BOS you have a tough and effective dimming unit with low dimensions.
For smooth, slow and well controlled dimming processes the grey scale shutter G405 PCS-III- DMX (see above) is the advised dimming unit.
Click here for the manual





E - Slide

The PANI e-slide is an accessory which enables the user to project any signal coming from a computer, DVD or video signal, thus transforming a traditional PANI slide projector into a modern video projecting device. The unit can be adapted to all projectors up to the BP 6 GT and fits like the standard slide carrier, so that a quick change from conventional slides to state-of-the art computer pictures can be achieved. Compared to standard video-beam technology, the PANI e-slide is easy to focus, straightforward to use, highly tolerant to changes in ambient temperature. The PANI e-slide creates dynamic effects and is ideal for multimedia applications, advertising, stage applications and projections of the event field. It is also loved to be used as a design tool for producing slide artwork which is specially adapted to the projection surface.
Caused by technological matters you have to consider dedicated light loss
in comparison with the film slide.






various effect drives

A wide range of effect units easily turn PANI projectors to versatile assistents
enabeling various optical dispositions on the stage as an
appreciable part of the dramatic event.
Increasingly the effects are employed in the outdoor and event area to enable outstanding artistic dynamic projections.
Following effects are presently available:
Single Effect Disc Drive
Double Effect Disc Drive      fire effect film - 3 various setups > 3 examples fire effect
Rotation Effect Drive with DMX
Rotation Mirror
Universal Film Drive
Wave Effect Machine      Demofilm > effects example
Prism Effect Drive
Preproduced as well as free designable medias for these units open an enormous
variety of diversifying the projection.
Partly you may combine the effects with another and naturally with the
effect projection lenses.
More information about the respective effect you will find
in the area of » support / data sheets « or
in the area of » support / manuals «.
Or you contact us and communicate your individual effects request.
We will exert ourselves to offer you a satisfactory solution. 



Outdoor - Housings

In order to enable operation without continuous support and in all
weather situations, we manufacture individual project-related housings
on demand, which are adapted to the respective requirements.
If necessary, frost guards or air conditioning systems or simply
standard ventilation units may be added. Lightning protection
may be provided as well. Safety class up to IP44 is available.
Here click for the datasheet you find the description of a simple standard housing.



Projector Switching Unit

To enable an automated operation dependent on time and/or ambient light, we concepted a switching unit, which is able to operate all PANI-projectors via the remote ignition socket. Signal generator is a light sensor or a timer as well a combination of both selectable.
Furthermore a supply voltage socket and a Schuko socket are
provided to simply testing accessory.
Click here to find the manual of the projector switching unit.



Synchron Switching Unit

This acessory is the right unit to enable an simple operation of projectors with a synchronous slide changing. An operating puls is sent to up to three Carousel slide changers (via a special adapter maybe more). Each changer operates the individual preset changing movement.


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